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Unlock 90 FPS in BGMI Right Now: Best BGMI Graphics Settings

Download the 90fps config file, apply it, and then enjoy playing Battlegrounds Mobile India at 90 FPS (the smoothest settings on your phone). So, in order to get zero lag in BGMI, please read the finest BGMI Graphics Settings and every detail listed below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Graphics Settings
Best graphics settings for more FPS in BGMI and PUBG Mobile (Image via Krafton)

BGMI is the latest Pubg Mobile avatar created specifically for India. The newest Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.3 update is here now available. In this post, we’ll look at how to enable the 90 fps option in Battlegrounds Mobile India, often known as BGMI.

Both games include visuals and other options that are comparable. These parameters can be tweaked by players to improve their gameplay. Some gamers, however, are unfamiliar with the graphical settings and can improve their FPS.

What is FPS and how does it relate to Graphics Settings in BGMI?

Frames Per Second (FPS) is a unit parameter used to calculate the number of frames displayed in a second in the BGMI game. More FPS means smoother gaming and the ability to advance in the ranks or maintain a strong F/D ratio. This article explains the best BGMI graphics settings for BGMI and PUBG Mobile to increase FPS.

Why is having more FPS or 90 FPS important?

With 90 FPS or Maximum FPS, your gaming, mobility, and adversary movement will be smoother in your device. Smooth and lag-free gameplay is essential for any Battle Royale game like BGMI. Because acquiring maximum moment and mobility with the aid of Maximum FPS visual Settings will enable you to be a little bit above your adversaries.


Here are the various FPS options available in Smooth settings to users by tweaking their graphics settings:

  • Smooth+Low- 20-25 FPS.
  • Smooth+Medium- 25-30 FPS.
  • Smooth+High- 30 FPS.
  • Smooth+Ultra- 40 FPS.
  • Smooth+Extreme- 60 FPS.
  • Smooth+90 fps- 90 FPS.
Bgmi graphics settings deatails

Now days 80% of BGMI players have that kind of phone which are not enough capable to enable 90 FPS. Maximum number of BGMI playing mobiles are only capable to unlock max to max 40 FPS in BGMI.

To enjoy a satisfying and lag-free gaming experience, 75% of BGMI gamers and analytics recommend having a smartphone that can unlock at least 60 FPS. Unfortunately, less than 30% of BGMI gamers have phones capable of running the game at 60 frames per second.

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How to Enable 90 FPS in BGMI Graphics Settings?

Only few Apple and Android devices support 90 frames per second. On the most expensive smartphones, the Ultra HD graphics options are available. It has 4K visuals and runs the game at 40 frames per second. Both games have an auto-adjust graphics option that reduces settings based on FPS fluctuations.

Before we go to the Smartphone list, let’s have a look at how to activate 90 fps PUBG Mobile gameplay on your device.
BGMI 90 FPS Supported Devices List: Check For Your Device

Open BGMI game, press the settings button, select the graphics tab, select smooth and then select the 90 fps option under the frame rate options.

Tips to boost FPS in BGMI 2.3

After enabling Maximum FPS in Battlegrounds Mobile India Game, a few minor adjustments need be made to ensure a smooth and stable FPS. The most essential steps are listed below;

1. Clear background memory

To ensure seamless performance, players should delete their smartphone’s background memory. It is recommended since many programs use RAM in the background, reducing the amount of memory available to run the game properly.

iPhone Background memory clearing guide

2. Good network connection

The second piece of advice is to utilize a reliable data connection. Players with poor networks will face a variety of lag difficulties, spoiling their gaming experience. As a result, gamers are urged to choose a high-quality internet service provider to limit the likelihood of latency caused by network issues.


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