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Latest BGMI FAQs

Read all the latest BGMI FAQs in this article. We have researched and then written this article to help you get your answer regarding anything about BGMI.

bgmi faqs

Is BGMI banned in India?

Yes, the Indian Government had banned BGMI in India due to some security concerns.

Is Battlegrounds Mobile India available in Play Store?

No, After The Ban Google Play Store India Had Removed BGMI Apk From There Indian Server.

Is there any way to install BGMI Apk?

Yes, There Several Ways By Which You Can Download BGMI Apk And Install It In Your Andriod Device Without Any Errors. Example –

If You Discover BGMI Apk Installed After The Ban In Your Friend’s Phone, You Can Transfer It From Their Phone. Simply Use The Shareit App To Transfer That Installed File From Your Friend’s Phone To Your Own.
Second Method: Download BGMI Apk From Here And Install.

Can I buy UC In Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Yes, You May, But Not Through The Google Play Store. Currently Only Accessible Through Websites Run By Third Parties.

What is the Current Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India Game?

The Most Recent Version Of BGMI Is 2.1, Which Is Identical To The Version Of PUBG On Mobile.

How to Fix Server Does Not Respond / Server Failure In BGMI?

This Is Happening While Your Ping Is 250ms-400ms. To Fix This Issue Connect Your Phone With An Strong Internet Connection Or WIFI.

Why Does My BGMI Game Crash?

It May Lead To The Installation Of Corrupt APK Files. Fixing This Problem Install The BGMI App From The Google Play Store After Removing The Previous Version (As Of Now BGMI Available To Everyone.)

How to Login with my Old Account in BGMI?

Through Social Networking Sites Like Facebook & Twitter, You May Easily Log In To Your Old PUBG Account In The BGMI Game.

However, If Your Old Account Was Linked To Your Email And Google Play Games Account, Proceed As Directed Below.

First, Check In Using Any Social Network Account. After A Short While, You’ll Have The Option Of Logging In With Your Email Address Or Phone Number And Your Play Games ID.

How Much Data BGMI Consume In 1 Hour?

According To My Test, BGMI Uses 60–70 MB At Standard Graphic Settings In An Hour.

If I Buy UC From Midasbuy For BGMI Will My Account Be Banned For Buying UC From Another Site?

No, It Is Because Currently There Is No Option In Midasbuy To Purchase UC For BGMI. But In Alternative To Midasbuy, You Can Purchase UC From Codashop Or Buy UC With Google Play Redeem Code.

How To Undo Data Transfer In BGMI?

Please Be Informed That It Is A One-Time Procedure. It Cannot Be Restored If Your PUBG Data Has Already Been Sent To BGMI. Any Trick You Attempt To Perform Will Result In A Suspension.

What Are The Ways To Login In to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India Now Offers Three Login Options: Facebook, Twitter, And Google Play Games.